A unique open-air arena in nature, bringing events to your doorstep.

We craft fresh and thrilling experiences beyond the urban hustle.

Not all captivating and intriguing events have to be confined to the city. We aim to establish a unique open-air venue that, during the summer season, becomes the hub for over 50 events, attracting more than 100,000 visitors. This enlivens the local scene, drawing in visitor spending that local businesses can capitalize on, whether through offering services like accommodation and dining, or selling various products during fairs and similar events.

Regional Development

Attracting over 100,000 visitors throughout the season, it injects financial vitality into the area and stimulates local businesses, paving the way for service offerings and product sales.


Summer events at Polaris Arena draw extensive media attention to the region, promoting rural life and regional development.

Keeps people in rural areas

The project will create at least 50 jobs and support local businesses, offering competitive wages with the goal of retaining people in their hometown and preventing them from moving to cities.

Our goals

We aim to establish a multifunctional entertainment park in a naturally beautiful location, away from the urban hustle, where various events will unfold, from festivals and concerts to summer theatres and exclusive parties.

The result will be a park-like complex with an arena, festival grounds, parking areas, tent sites, accommodation and dining facilities, complemented by significant family entertainment attractions and all the essential infrastructure.

All in all, this will emerge as a significant crowd-puller and a standalone tourist attraction.

About Polaris Arena

As project leaders, we have been active in the music and entertainment industry for 30 years and possess an extensive knowledge base about what constitutes an aesthetically superior, optimally designed, and practical entertainment and concert arena.

We employ numerous innovative solutions and are developing new business models that set the benchmark for the entire industry. Our goal is to reduce event organizers’ project risks and dependencies on current market conditions, while simultaneously establishing considerable competitive advantages. Through this, we aim to motivate a diverse array of organizers, artists, theaters, and others to choose Polaris Arena as their preferred summer event venue. A significant emphasis is placed on preserving the natural environment, green solutions, and innovation.