What we offer?

Regional Growth and Development

Not all that’s exciting and captivating needs to unfold within city limits. We understand the human thirst for variety and strategically position ourselves outside the bustling urban competition.

From the standpoint of boosting rural life and fostering regional development, this project is nothing short of perfect. Polaris Arena hosts various events throughout the summer, all of which enjoy nationwide media coverage. This entails media buzz, comprehensive reports, insightful analyses, and more, not to mention lively discussions and social media chatter stemming from the thousands of visitors who share their experiences.

Our events draw public figures, government dignitaries, diplomats, athletes, internationally acclaimed artists, etc. This brings life into the local community and opens doors to new opportunities. Over just 4-5 summer months each year, we stage up to 50 distinct events, drawing in over 100,000 visitors, invigorating the region and injecting funds into the local economy. Local businesses can tap into this economic influx through lodging and dining services or the sale of various goods at fairs and similar events.

The success of this project undoubtedly translates into substantial growth potential for the municipality and enriches the local cultural scene.

An ideal project for promoting rural life and fostering regional development.

“During the course of just 4-5 summer months in a single year, we host a diverse array of up to 50 events, drawing in over 100,000 visitors. This injects life into the region, infusing it with visitors’ spending, which local businesses can harness to their advantage…”

Social development

The project provides employment for at least fifty individuals, in addition to numerous local businesses and service providers. The planned wages are in line with at least the Estonian average, with the aim of offering higher salaries to motivate local residents to stay in their hometowns instead of seeking better employment opportunities in cities.

Drawing in 100,000 visitors during the summer is a desirable number for any local municipality. It undoubtedly poses certain challenges but, in the grand scheme of things, it injects tremendous energy and momentum into the local community.